Jason Elrod Status Update



As you all know our good friend Jason Elrod is still at Dekalb Medical Center struggling everyday in therapy trying to get his life back. Ava Bishof Maguire and I visited him today and were so excited to see him doing much much better. Although J-bird is still not able to talk well, it came to our attention that he could use a way to communicate with his friends and the outside world. He is stuck there staring at the same four walls day-in and day-out - enough to make ya crazy!

So when we asked him if he would like to have an iPad to watch movies, text, Facebook and even play games to help his hand eye coordination, we got a very loud "yes". Long story short, there will be an envelope at the Brew for donations to buy J-bird an iPad!

Any little bit will help! Also look for a poster board hanging up to sign a message of love for Jason, we will take it to him in a few weeks! Thanks for your time. Please share!

UPDATE February 3, 2014

The Brewster's family is amazing! Due to you guys coming together and giving, we have collected enough money to get Jason a kick ass iPad, a nice case to protect it, and plenty left over for the purchase of games etc! You people rock! Thank you so much for giving, and I know Jason will be thrilled! I will post an update on his reaction to the out pouring of love from his friends!

I just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who donated towards Jason's iPad. I spoke with Jason's mom and she's very excited . Please don't forget to sign the card at Brewsters. Love you all!

UPDATE February 22, 2014

"I just wanted to give everyone an update on Jason Elrod. He has the iPad and loves using it… Please keep Jason and his family in thoughts and prayers. They are very thankful for all that everyone from his Brewsters family has done." - Ava Maguire